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Chemical engineers apply their skill set in many different industries and areas that make a difference to all our lives.

Many chemical engineering contributions are discussed in IChemE's technical strategy, Chemical Engineering Matters, in the four key challenge areas or 'vistas' of water, energy, food and nutrition, and health and wellbeing.

The solutions provided by the profession all contribute to building and maintaining quality of life for all.

The global challenges faced by society differ across the world, however there are some common priorities. For example sustainability and combating climate change.

To demonstrate how and why chemical engineering matters, IChemE works with its members to produce Green Papers addressing some of the priority areas.

Green Papers are reports for debate and discussion. They do not constitute policy but will lead to informed positions and will help shape future direction for IChemE.

The Green Papers outline challenges and the application of chemical engineering principles to provide solutions.

They include recommendations for action which will address these challenges and improve sustainability. These are the areas where the chemical engineering profession can make a real difference.

If you would like to comment on any of these reports or learn more, please contact us.

IChemE Green Papers


Life cannot survive without water. Chemical engineers play an important role in providing safe and sustainable water for use and efficient processes for treatment of waste.


IChemE's Energy Centre produces a wealth of policy documents, green papers, presentations and other content relating to the important issues around the global energy transition. All can be found in the Energy Centre section >> 

Food, drink and nutrition

The growing global population needs sufficient food production for the future. Chemical engineers are involved across the food chain from farm to fork, through crop nutrition to processing food for health and satisfaction.


Chemical engineers work across the whole spectrum of healthcare, from pharmaceuticals and non-medicaments to medical materials and implants.


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