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Human Factors in Health and Safety - Human factors in Design - Module Four - Melbourne

Date From: 03 May 2017
Date To: 04 May 2017
Location: Australia
Description: A one-year programme, comprising four intensive two-days supported by course reading, which together form a broad human factors educational programme.
Event Type: IChemE Course
Venue: tbc
Organiser: IChemE
Contact Name: April Hinde
Contact Phone: +61 (0) 3 9642 4494
Contact Email:


There is an increasing emphasis on the importance of managing 'human factors' to achieve improved safety and business performance in the chemical process industries and resource sector. Major accidents, including those at Longford, Varanus Island, Montara, Gretley and Moura have once again highlighted the importance of addressing this aspect of performance. However, many of the safety and operational professionals charged with managing human factors have no formal qualifications or training in the behavioral sciences. To help address this gap, The Keil Centre and IChemE have organised this 1-year development programme. It builds upon the needs identified in the European process industries, where a similar course has been running for several years, namely:

  • content covering human factors in process safety, health and safety generally, with links to other aspects of business performance
  • a modular course design, with short residential events spread over time, also providing networking opportunities with like-minded professionals
  • consultancy skills development to help implement human factors solutions

Module details

  • Human factors integration and workspace design. Presenter: Andrew Sutherland
  • Safety-critical communications. Presenter: Kirsty McCulloch
  • Developing usable procedures. Presenter: Emily Novatsis
  • Design of the human/machine interface. Presenter: Stuart Dickinson

The basic structure caters for two audiences, those who want to complete the whole programme and those who wish to attend single modules.

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