Andrew Fellowship

The Institution of Chemical Engineers has created the Andrew Fellowship to commemorate the prestigious work of IChemE Fellow Professor Syd Andrew, a distinguished expert in the field of catalysis. The Fellowship provides funding for up to two candidates every year to undertake research in the field of Heterogeneous Catalysts.

Aims of the Fellowship

The primary aims of the scheme are to:

  • support the science of the formulation of heterogeneous catalysts
  • strengthen links between academia and industry by fostering active collaboration between research scientists and industry. and promoting a focus on the industrial applications of scientific research
  • support the catalysis research community, by promoting collaboration, furthering research and creating new knowledge, which will lead to significant development in the field
  • strengthen research excellence by supporting promising independent researchers and their and networks, to develop their research through training, collaboration, reciprocal visits, and the transfer of knowledge and skills


The award supports research within the field of Heterogeneous Catalysis.


Applicants are expected to hold a PhD or have equivalent research experience and should normally be Early Career Researchers within the EPSRC definition. Who can apply >>

Applicants will normally be based in an IChemE accredited chemical engineering department. They should hold a permanent or fixed-term contract or an offer of appointment in a University and the Fellowship will only continue whilst these criteria are met. In the case of fixed-term contracts, the employment must continue for at least the duration of the Fellowship. A letter of support from the candidate’s department must be supplied, clearly explaining the employment position and setting out what support will be given to the Fellow in order for them to fulfil the terms of the Fellowship.

Since an objective of the Fellowship is to foster contacts between academia and industry, candidates must demonstrate a meaningful relationship with an industrial partner. A letter of support from that partner should be supplied with the application.  

Applicants must be competent in oral and written English.  

Details of the Fellowship

The recipient is expected to:

  • undertake research into the field of the science of the formulation of heterogeneous catalysts
  • develop a meaningful joint programme of research with the named industrial partner 
  • work independently and collaboratively with the partner company and others on joint publications and research proposals to tackle ambitious research problems or challenges 
  • participate annually in the planned Andrew Session at the UK Catalysis Conference
  • deliver lectures, presentations, seminars, demonstrations, and expert workshops to graduates, undergraduates, members of University faculties, academics from other UK institutions and industrial practitioners, as appropriate
  • assist IChemE in organising relevant events throughout the term of the Fellowship, and be an active participant in the Catalysis Special Interest Group
  • demonstrate an enhanced independent research capability by the end of the Fellowship


Fellowships usually commence on 1 March following the Award.


Fellows are expected to submit progress reports, at intervals as indicated below. Fellows will be assigned a relationship manager who will review their reports and support the Fellow as appropriate. The relationship manager will normally be a member of the Andrew Fellowship Judging Panel who is not a member of the Fellow’s academic department.

Initiation report

At the start of the Fellowship, the Fellow will meet with his or her relationship manager and agree an outline work plan and targets for the first year.

Six-month update

An update of 500-1000 words should be submitted half way through each year of the Fellowship.

Follow up report

A report is due at the end of each year of the Fellowship, (normally by 28 February in any given year), the Fellow will send a report comprising of 1,000-1,500 words to his or her relationship manager. The report must describe the activities which have resulted from the award and set out plans for the next year's activities, as agreed with potential collaborators. These will form the basis for the assessment of the Fellowship. Copies of publications must be included. The relationship manager will assess the report and follow up with a discussion to confirm the goals for the next year in agreement with the Fellow’s supervisor.

Final report

A report is due on completion of the Fellowship, comprising of 1,500-2,000 words, and must be submitted by the researcher within one month of the agreed date of completion. The report must describe the main achievements enabled by the Fellowship, any future plans and an assessment of how the initial proposal objectives have been met. 

IChemE lays no claim to intellectual property arising from the research conducted during the holding of a Fellowship, but IChemE Andrew Fellowship funding must be acknowledged on publications.


The recipient will be awarded £10k per year for a period of four years.  The payment takes the form of a stipend which is paid directly to the Fellow. The funds are paid in half-yearly instalments directly to the Fellow’s bank account. Stipends and any other assistance provided will be subject to taxation and any other locally applicable contributions. Fellows will be responsible for ensuring they meet all their financial obligations and must confirm on a separate form that they understand this responsibility.

Travel and subsistence costs will be provided annually for up to four years to the value of up to £5k per year. They are intended to cover travel costs of the awardee to further their research, for example to attend relevant conferences and to support industrial interaction. In addition, this budget can also be used to help cover equipment cost, at the discretion of the judges. Expenses are paid retroactively on production of receipts. Unused expense budget cannot be carried over to the next year. 

Please note that the Fellowship does not provide overhead costs. The only fixed cost is the salary top up.

How to apply?

Applications for the Andrew Fellowship are now open.

Download the application form >>

Contact us for more information.


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